Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ben&Jerry aint got nothin on my Chunky Monkey!!!

Oliver is such a rollie pollie-chunky monkey!!!!

Its so funny having this chubby little guy--Briggy was so skinny compared to Ollie! He grows and grows and grows--in the blink of an eye he's another pound!! His four month appointment isnt until Dec. 2nd--I can't even imagine how much he weighs...He's gotta be pushin' 16 plus pounds---CRAZY!!!!!!!! Their personalities are so different too. Briggy was a very screechy baby, but he slept a lot during the day...I may not have thought it at the time, but he did sleep alot!! Oliver on the other hand doesnt sleep very often--hes OKAY during the night (not great, but getting better) but during the day his eyes are WIDE OPEN, taking it all in. But if im not right there with him, he is NOT happy!!!!! He is very very clingy and always wants mommy to hold him---Briggy was just NOT like that. I always wanted to hold Briggy and he wanted to chill in his bouncey or lay around on his own....maybe things will change in the next couple months--I keep forgetting how YOUNG ollie still is...he just reminds me of a 6 month sized Briggy!!! I planned on starting Ollie on cereal right around Christmas-time, but he's already eyeing food and ALWAYS ALWAYS hungry and holding his head up sooooo good---I wonder if he's ready? I'm still feeding him every 2 hours....when I'm lucky he'll make it to 3....honestly, I'm a little worn out over it! I really thought his feeding would be spaced out a little further now since he's so BIG! We'll have to wait and see what the doctor says early decemeber! He has the same rashy/acne/cradle cap like Briggy did...same thing! its weird---it most likely has something to do with my hormones....Oliver's is a little worse than Briggys--because its clustered on his arms and legs---He has super dry skin...I know it bothers him, because hes always trying to scratch and itch--I have to keep gloves (or socks!) on his little paws---but he always manages to break free from them and gives himself little nicks here and there...poor guy. Briggy's cleared up by 5 months, so I'm sure Oliver's will too (I hope!)
Anyway, thats the late breaking scoop on my Chunky Monkey, Oliver!!!

PS--In Briggy news, his developmental and speech therapists are really nice and will be meeting with Briggy each week to work on his communication skills. He is pretty far ahead in phsycial things (about 6 months ahead) but hes about 6 months behind in his speech/ there is a lot of work/playing/learning to be done! Pray for my little guy that he'll get the hang of it!! I know hes a smarty-pants....but his busy-body takes over!!!