Thursday, January 7, 2010

Haircuts, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes and Smiles....

Here's some pics from our first week in 2010!

Briggy's hair has been getting really shaggy. We have been procrastinating on taking him to the kids haircut place because it costs $20! I was nervous about having Tom cut Briggy's hair with his buzzer...but Tom convinced me to give it a try..and it worked out well--

Briggy before the haircut:

Brigham after! He looks older with the shorter hair! My little guys is going to be TWO next month, ai carumba.

Oliver started off the week with Bananas, and ended the week with sweet potatoes! Both went really well. I couldn't get him to eat rice cereal, but so far with the fruits and veggies he's doing I can sneak the rice in now when I mix them. Im hoping he'll love avocado as much as Briggy did...thats on the menu this coming week--just waiting for it to ripen!!

Nursing + food = Happy Ollie!



Bananas and sweet potatoes...sounds like a marigold- mushy-mess waiting to happen. HA! :)


Briggy looks so grown up with his big-boy haircut. It also looks like he tolerated it really well. Lots of little ones are usually scared to get their haircut. What a big boy! :)