Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Easter!

Besides me being pretty under-the-weather with (allergies? I dont know if Im sick or its allergies--but its been pretty miserable :/)
We had a great Easter morning!!! We are SOOOO blessed to magically have BYU-TV (that COMES with our basic tv package!) So we are able to watch conference at home today. Can pause and watch during naptimes, etc--its been great! We just took a little lunch break and put the boys for a nap, so I thought I'd post some fun pictures from this morning!!! Both boys were up about an HOUR earlier than normal. Ergh. 7:30's not bad, we're just spoiled with a 8:30-9 am wakeup. Briggy was excited to see what the Easter bunny had brought!! Oliver was just hungry..hahaha. As I was setting up the baskets last night, Tom came home from Priesthood session, and we started talking about other people's way to celebrate Easter with children. Some people are doing the Easter basket thing on Saturday, some are for-going it, many down play the bunny and amp up the Savior. To be honest, Im not sure how we are going to handle things---We talk about Jesus alot, Briggy knows who Jesus is by looking at pictures in the house and books---He's been having fun coloring a conference booklet/coloring book while we've been watching conference---but I was raised with BIG HOLIDAYS. My parents always went all out for every holiday. I love doing over-the-top stuff to celebrate FUN! I think next year Briggy will start to understand The Savior's role a little more---we'll just have to wait and see.
This year we got some fun spring time gifts, the two best presents aren't pictured--We got a swingset (it came a couple weeks early, so briggy has been playing with that for a while now) and I made a 8 foot Chalkboard for the backyard. Since I've been not feeling well this week, I still need to coat it with the Chalkboard paint, so hopefully we can play with that in a couple days--and I'll be sure to take pictures---It is soooo coool!!!!

PS--Thank you to the Grandma's and Grand-dad's for the fun easter suprizes. Those chocolate-scented bunnies are so neat! I was able to purchase quite a few disney movies with some of the easter loot they got too! We love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You have a beautiful family! Love your blog!

Grandma Tina

I'm glad you guys had a nice Easter! It looks like the boys made out like bandits!


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