Saturday, December 4, 2010

Toddler Christmas Party...

Briggy and Ollie are hosting a Christmas party next friday! It's a gingerbread decorating party! Im so excited to be making lots of christmas goodies and projects! We are handing out our invitations to all of our nursery friends at church tomorrow. I thought I'd document the projects we'll be working on leading up to the party on friday....

Invitations wrapped with a little "snow"

hopefully i'll be able to post a few recipes, and the favor tutorial mid-week!

fa-la-la-la-la! we are so in the christmas mood! tomorrow we are decorating the tree!


Rains Family

Soo cute Kelly! Are you baking the gingerbread houses? Addy has been asking me to make one and I am wondering if I should bake it or buy. let me know if you have a good recipe!

Kelly Tillotson

because of ollies allergies, everything im making/suppling for decorations is milk/egg/peanut free.
so, we are going for graham cracker construction with canned pillsbury frosting {suprizingly doesnt contain milk} all the treats will be "vegan" recipes too. hopefully the kids wont mind. i am making a cute hot cocoa favor that isnt milk-free, but at least ollie wont be left out of that---since they're just taking it home.
personally, i say go with store bought or graham crackers. the fun part for the kids is decorating with all the candy anyway! i bought a "haunted mansion" gingerbread house after halloween on clearance, and really....wont look halloweeny with all the treats on it, so thats going to be the big one the kids and I make. Im actually in the process of hot-gluing the graham crackers now, so when the kids get here, they just decorate. i glued them onto squares of cardboard, so they can take them home easily too.