Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quick snapshots from inside our house!

I wanted to take some pics to show off all of our hard work these past three months...we are ALMOST done with everything...the kitchen is painted but I haven't decorated it yet...our guest room/office isn't quite done and Oliver's "room" is decorated or painted because sooner than later he will be sharing a room with Briggy (making way for baby # 3... I know, I'm getting way ahead of myself on that one...that won't be for a couple years....)

Here is the front entrance:

There is a half table on the side that I haven't decorated yet, so I didn't show it--but once its done the entryway will look nice!

To the left is our dining room. Above the buffet table with the vases will be a mirror, and I have some framed skinny panel pictures that will go on either side of the window...and the wall that you can't see will be a family photo wall with all our immediate families portraits and I'm thinking of centering it with the quotation:
"I always want to be with my own family.....And the lord has shown me how I can"
and then a picture of the temple would be next to it...I haven't worked out the details yet, but I'm excited to plan it out.

I also need to make tie-backs for the curtains...if you can't tell from the picture they are a light tan and gold leaf motif...and the rod is bronze/gold with leaves on either side...I carried a "leaf" theme throughout the downstairs....

The living room:
I still haven't decided on what to put on top of the media cabinets. I bought big fraames (11x20 and 8x10) that I think I'll have up there with pictures of the temple, the first presidency, Jesus and Joseph Smith...) The bottom shelves are "reserved" for holiday/seasonal decorations--but I really didn't have a real collection of patriotic/summer decorations...I'll have to *hopefully* hit some clearance sales after the summer for next year.

If you can't see it (my camera plus bad lighting) the vinyl quotations between the photos says "Blessings count them one by one"
and above the tv between the media cabinets says "A happy home is but an early heaven"

The guest bathroom:

The "guest room/office":
Black, white and charcoal grey is the theme. We want to buy some black and white framed pictures of our favorite musicians and hang them on the wall. Other than that, it just has a little pull out sofa/futon, computer & desk and bookcase....

The Craft room:
The basics are done, but the decorating hasn't started yet. I want to get some fun vases and fill them with daisies and get red/white/blue trinkets and raggedy ann and andy dolls to fill up the top of the big white cabinent. Above each desk will be huge posters of each boy done in red and white coloring (and framed in white) (at you can do crazy things to your pictures!) and on the wall you can't see will be an oversized red memo board of sorts....
We haven't set up the computer equipment yet, but its moving was on the bottom of my priority list since its sort of selfish I get the whole room to myself...(although Briggy hangs out more in there and dances to the radio than in the playroom lately.....)

The dreaded gate that took WAY too long to put together and isn't actually assembled correctly...can't wait for grandad tillotson to help us with that one!

The boy's bathroom:
Is right next to Briggy's room and off the craft room--its the same color as my craft room...which happened to match perfectly with the shower curtain we bought a while back!

Briggy (and soon to be Briggy and Olivers) Room:
We plan on buying pine bunk beds in a few months, that we are going to have as two separate twin beds..and then the tents on top (I posted all those camping pics awhile back)
Right now, the only camp-themed decor we have in there is the curtains, wall color, and 5 foot vinyl pinetree. I should have it all decorated by Christmas...because Briggy will be in the BIG BOY bed by then (AHHH!)

We have a linen closet between the two bedrooms upstairs that I love...because I can have all the extra blankets, bathroom supplies and extra cases of diapers and wipes all organized and close by...I'm not sure why I'm showing the picture of such a silly thing...but I love all the space!

"Oliver's room" which he'll be moved into after the first few months is currently the least exciting of all rooms. Its not painted, the curtain in there is hanging up by painters tape....its pretty much the "changing room" for the time being. I don't think he'll the two guys will have a blast sharing their room next year.

Last, but definitely not least (its my favorite room!!!) is the boy's playroom!!!!
A few final touches will happen over the next few months or so...when Briggy gets to be in his 2's I'll have an easel where the little leap frog table is at the moment...I also plan on having a big 5 foot bulletin board above the toy storage unit so I can hang up all of Briggy's masterpieces! And underneath the clock I want to have a red vinyl growth chart (I have to design one that I can use for multiple children...haven't seen one online that tickles my fancy)

There you have it! The Tillotson Casa! I am so thankful for my kind hardworking husband who worked 12 hour shifts, ate dinner quickly and painted and built things for hours into the late late night to get this all ready for our end of June deadline. I feel a lot more calm knowing almost all the work is done before Oliver has arrived!
Tom Tillotson is the best!!!!


Grandma Tina

It looks like you've been very busy! I love the playroom! Tom, you did a great job painting! Kelly, nice job decorating!

Rains Family

Kelly, the house looks great! Your hard work has paid off! I love the playroom and the blue color in your craft room. Is your craft room bigger than the playroom, it looks huge!

Kelly Tillotson

Thanks :) The craft room seems a little bigger because its open from the stairs and hallway..but I think they are about the same size...I'm definitely spoiled with the space!! Briggy hangs out in there more than the playroom lately!
*Remember you were asking about the vinyl? what do you think?