Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Should I......?

I haven't decided if we are going to send out announcements for Oliver. I love announcements and cards in general...and I am definitely the type to keep them up on my 'fridge for months and save them...with Briggy's fast and unexpected birthday we never ended up sending proper announcement cards....so with Oliver coming in a few weeks I haven't totally decided If I should or not. Because I didn't with Briggy I didnt want to seem "unfair" to him (like he would really care) but I found some "Big Brother" announcement cards that are super super cute. Of course they're from tinyprints.com my favorite online card store!!!

The cartoon one is SOOOO cute but it doesn't show a picture of Ollie--so I would just include a photo in the envelope.....

or I could just go the photocard option....which is nice....but I am so in love with the cartoon brother card....although this one is a little more practical (but of course more expensive.)

I'm also considering my sister making one up on the computer because she makes some really awesome ones using photo software.....which would be cheaper, I suppose.

What do you think? Do people expect/like receiving announcements or do they usually just end up in the trash?