Saturday, June 6, 2009

Briggy's favorite new place!

Today Briggy took a super long nap (11-2:30 pm) so I knew he wouldnt be up for his later-afternoon nap....and wanted to do something fun (and tiring) for him so he could play, eat and zonk out. Tom was able to get home before 6 so we headed over to the community park that is AWESOME! and has this really fun splash-park area. From the second his little toes touched the ground he was off running! I have never seen him smile and laugh and scream (in a good way) so much...ever....and hes a real smiley laughy kind of kid....this is the ultimate hanging place for Brigs--I know that we'll be spending a lot of time here...the only bad part was taking him away from it...he screamed and cried...poor guy! It was really hard for me to get any good pictures of him because he was on the move so fast...but I was able to get a copule shots that captured just how much fun he was having! I am so happy he loves the water and isn't afraid of it!! He is one fun, tough little guy!


Grandma Tina

I love Briggy's new water-park! It will keep him happy for the summer. He is growing up so fast!