Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How about a new haircut?

As much as I love long hair (I have spent the past 5 years growing mine out!!) I stink at styling it (All I ever do is either straighten it or throw it in a messy bun) I'm thinking I just might have to "give in" and get a "mom" cut. A hip mom-cut if at all possible. I want a style that will look polished and nice after only washing, (maybe drying) and spending a few minutes on styling and product. Does a style like that exist...and if so....will it work on a chubby face? Even when I'm 'thinner'(pre-briggy weight) I have a chubby round face...and I know some shorter cuts may not look great with it, but I think if the edges of the hair and either flipped out or straight (and not curled in) won't empasize the roundness....

I've been having trouble finding what I want online. I caught a second of some morning show yesterday that had a girl with my face shape getting her hair cut...it was shorter (chin-ish level) with longer side-swooped bangs. Jagged edges and layers....but I can't find exactly what she had...her are some close contenders...what do you think? I really want to get this done in a week or two before the baby comes...unless you all think its a big no-no in which case I might hold off and wait....

I know I haven't posted any recent pictures of me (I refuse to have my picture taken at this monsterous weight) but my hair is at "mid-boob" length. It is a little layered--but its growing out...

Which one do you like best? Please comment and let me know---or if you are SUPER BORED and looking online--and can send me a link to another picture I'd appreciate it :P








Thanks everybody...I need HELP!



#1 and #4 are definitely my favorites--cute!--but I have no idea if they'd be easy to maintain or not.


I vote for #1

Rains Family


Mark and Kim

I always switch back and forth between short and long. I'm going for longer right now. I also have a very round face and I've decided anything above my shoulder emphasizes it unless I have half an hour to style it. Plus my hair takes forever to grow out so it might be awhile before I forget and try cutting it above the shoulders again! (even though Mark loves short hair)

Rains Family

Hi Kelly. If you want a guy's opinion (this is Jeff writing), I think that #6 is the cutest by a long shot!!!!

Grandma Tina

I vote for #1. I think that cut would look very cute on you! As far as hair color, what is wrong with your natural color hair? Maybe some highlights. You'll have to go to a salon every couple 3 months to keep it up and it is very pricey.

A good hair salon is $100.00 for highlights and $40.00 for a cut.