Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oliver's 2 week Checkup!

I love this picture! It was from his blessing day this past sunday! Monday was his 2 week appointment and I am excited to say he has gained back all the weight he lost during my lousy stay at the hospital (he dropped from 8 lb 15 oz to 8 lb 8 oz by the end of the week)
Oliver is now 9 lbs 2 oz! and somehow grew another INCH...so now hes 21.5!! crazy!! He reminds me of a 2 month old briggy!! He is so long and strong!!! He is very alert and sweet as can be--and he sure has an appetite! He eats CONSTANTLY!!!!!
I am feeling sooooo super great....I really couldn't have asked for a more speedy recovery--as soon as I left the hospital I was feeling so much better...thank goodness that fiasco is all over. Our family and friends all came over for an Oliver celebration on sunday...so I'll be able to post a ton of great pictures that my Auntie Katie took later on today...(or tomorrow)
Grandma and Grand-dad Tillotson are here for another day or two so Briggy is loving all the toys grandma smuggled in for him :)

Oliver doesn't have another check up until the end of September....I'm interested to see if he'll gain as much weight (and as fast) as Briggy did during the first few months of life...if he stays on that path he'll be one big 2 month old!!
Thanks for everyone who came to the party and for all the support, prayers and help...it means so much to us---we only wish my immediate family could be here to celebrate with us....but hopefully that will be sooner than later. Love you all!


Nate, Kelsie, and Luke

We had so much fun seeing you. Your boys are super cute. It's crazy that Oliver weighs what Luke did when he was born. Oliver seemed so small. Funny how you forget huh? I don't remember Luke ever being that small. :) Thanks for everything. We can't wait to visit again.


We are so happy for you guys! What cuties you have!