Monday, August 10, 2009

Random pictures from the past week

I was just trying to get a picture of Briggy with his blue-clog shoes. He looked so cute in them and they finally fit (5/6) His feet grew this past month!! Now all his sandals finally fit him!

The Green Monstah! Briggy pigging out and getting plenty messy eating Ollie's cupcakes. This picture was taking prior to him rubbing all of the frosting in his hair....grandma washed him up real good afterwards :)

Ollie's first real bath! He was good about it just like Briggy was...I'm sure he'll be a little fish just like Briggy is--can't get enough of the water!

Briggy and Daddy lounging on the couch...look at Brig's pot-belly!

Briggy's first offical Sunday in the nursery (Praise the Lord) Truly, I don't know what I would do if there wasnt nursery--chasing and rangling Briggy for three hours is hard enough without adding a new baby to the mix...He loved it!!="


Grandma Tina

Very cute! My goodness,Oliver is growing so fast!

I'm glad Brigg's is old enough to be in the nursery.I'm sure he is going to love it!


Kelly the boys are soo cute please call me i've been trying to get a hold of you 8603078967 i love you guys *mariah


looks like Brock and Briggy have the same size foot! crazy! Yes Nursery is awesome! Brock and I were there a few weeks ago to help Sister Vasquez who was left to fend for herself. Brock loved it. so glad things will be a little easier for you at church!