Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Boy Fun!

Friday night, Mr. Oliver had his very first BIG BOY BATH with Briggy! It started out a little rough--he clenched his fists and sort of grumbled and whined for the first 5 or so minutes, but then he eased into it with all the fun toys we had in there for him. Because of Ollie's pretty bad eczema [he is pretty much all clear right now..and has been for awhile!] I limit his bath time to like....every 5-6 days. I know that sounds crazy, but actually it made a big difference in the quality of his skin and the frequency of his breakouts. Of course he gets spot cleaned if he's dirty---but full on bath, is not as frequent. I might start doing it every 3 days now that he is getting into more *trouble* crawling around, eating, drinking sticky juice...
Briggy loved having Ollie with him in the bath, just as long as he didn't take any of his toys..."NINE" is how Briggy says "mine!" and hes been saying that a little more frequenty lately...We've been having to explain to him pretty often that everything that is "nine" is also "awh-eee's" :)
In these pictures more and more I am noticing such a difference in their skin tones. Briggy is SOOOOO Casper-y white like his momma, and Oliver has more of the Tillotson olive-tone.

Here is a few of them toting around in their "car" the other day. So cute. I love that I can get these interactive pictures of them together now. They are both growing up so fast!! I can't believe my little Ollie is going to be 1 year old in just 2 monthhhhhs. Craziness.

I started to give Oliver a new snack other than cheerios and rice krispies [I havent given him much finger food, because I fear he has some allergies--and right now with no insurance, I don't want to risk him getting, no yogi, cheese, bread...These are called "Baby Mum Mums" there "Rice Rusks" whatever that means. Organic, Gluten-free....seemed safe enough--he loves them!

We hosted playgroup for this week at our house. It was Potty Party themed---normally playgroup is on a monday, but for scheduling purposes, we had it today--and only 2 families of kids came--when usually there is about 5-6 different moms. Needless to say it was kind of a bust. I overplanned [as usual] oh well. I had fun making my toliet paper cake!
I also showed the moms my potty system I was working on, that I will be starting *soon* with Briggy. Im hoping by August I'll feel like hes more ready.

This potty chart will hang up above the potty, and the sheets will get filled with stickers with each successful trip to the potty---once the spots get filled up then Brigs gets to pick a "potty prize" I hotglued closepins to the board, so I can interchange the sheets as they get filled up. I plan on having a chore/behavior chart similar to this for the boys in the near future.