Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mothers Day me!

I made myself another Mothers day gift! Walgreens has a photo freebie going on right now....and 8x10 photo collage for FREE! with the code: GOODTHOUGHTS
I also had a collage made with our anniversay date and a picture of Tom and I, but I haven't made that one yet...still have a couple weeks until the big 1, 2, THREE! Third anniversary!! :)
I thought it would be fun to find their birthday numbers. An homage [is that spelled right?] to the day I gave birth to my two sweet boys.
They still need another coat of paint, but that will have to wait til morning. Thought I'd get the post up tonight since you only have til Saturday to get that photo freebie! [they are regularly $4] I made my mom/tina some that spell out JOYS and a picture of the boys. Cute and fun! These red/yellow polka dot frames will be up in my craft room. Love the fun colors! What do you think?

My little monkeys [in their cute matching monkey pajamas!] were playing with blocks before bedtime. They play SO WELL together. It is the sweetest thing. Briggy is the only one who can really get Ollie giggling good! Oliver has really blossomed this past week with sitting up LOTS better, mimicing some sounds and even WAVING when I wave to him and say HIIIII! So cute! We had an occupational therapist come out the other day to do an evaluation on him because he really has been behind on a few motor skills and we were a little worried....{when setting up the appointment a week earlier, he was still not sitting up without help...thats been a new thing the past few days) She said he has MILD hypotonia, which basically means he has low muscle tone. I had my freak out, but then really prayed about it and feel SOOO confident that its going to work itsself out with some exercises and practice. I really dont think its going to get worse, and I'm hoping that its not a symptom of an underlying problem that we havent figured out....those are worse-case scenarios that I had initially freaked out over after researching hypotonia, but we are staying POSITIVE and PRAYERFUL that it will just not be the case with our Ollie-pop. We will find out more hopefully next week when she comes out for her first scheduled visit. Briggy as been continuing to do well with new vocabulary...we are so proud of our boys!



Those are darling. The frames and your boys! And don't worry, when professionals use fancy terms like that it sounds intimidating and scary. Rarely does it mean an underlying issue. Usually it's just a fancy word to mean that he's a little behind. Mostly likely he'll catch up in no time!


cute photo collages. I did something similar with pics of Nicholas and his birth date. Once I get it framed I will post it. miss ya!