Sunday, February 24, 2008

I finally figured out how to add pictures!!

We havent taken a ton of pictures yet with this camera, but dont worry, there will be plenty more--especially now that i figured out how to hook the camera up to the computer. I took some pictures of his room (its a little messy) and some of Brig. He's either eating or no great action shots yet.



There is nothing sweeter than seeing a baby sleeping. Tom, you must be SO proud and SO excited!! I'm excited to watch you grow as a family. I love that you chose the name Brigham....what an strong and honorable name!! I love it. Is it too soon to ask when we can expect baby #2? :) Just kidding!! <3 Love you guys! XO


so many people i've mentioned the name brigham to, especially non-members have commented on what a strong name it is. i love that it has that feeling for people.

unrelated, but too funny not to mention, the verification letters i have to type here are armpt. hee!!