Thursday, February 14, 2008

Isn't this picture so sweet? I wanted to write a little dedicatory blog on the prophet, Thomas S Monson. This picture of him is absolutely adorable. President Monson has family in a ward very close to my home ward in CT. Last year he spoke and I was able to attend. I had just moved back from Utah and was very uncertain if I was "mormon" enough to withstand the pressures of old friends and family that just did NOT comply with my new-found standards. Well, I was probably third or fourth row--really close and dead center. I cant remember everything he said but I do remember him saying (and of course, it felt like he was staring directly at me) "you are worth it. you know what you can be and who you should be. you have the faith and the means to endure..." something to that affect. I think he was referencing a woman who was going through some troubles when he was a young bishop many years ago. President Monson is a smart guy. I think he's wonderful, and although President Hinckley's passing was hard for me, I am grateful for the priesthood and true apostleship the Church of Jesus Christ has. I am also very excited that President Uctdorf was called. He has a glow and happiness that for me symbolizes what the Church has to offer. This is a favorite Monson quote of mine:

"Choose your friends with caution; plan your future with purpose and frame your life with faith"



What a great tribute to President Monson and what a great example you are to your family! What a great mother you're going to be :)