Monday, February 11, 2008

One More Month!

I can't believe we are going to have our little briggy in ONE MONTH (or less...) I'm hoping he'll be a few days late so he can be our little leprachaun on Saint Patrick's Day. Its all becoming more and more real the closer we get. I'm pretty sure i've read just about every baby book, and as great as the wisdom and advice is, i am just plain terrified. everyone assures me (kelly-- not tom--he doesnt freak out about anything) that instinct will kick in and i'll just know what to do...but im not the sharpest tool in the shed--i just dont want to mess this little guy up.

Last year around this time I somehow convinced my dashing fiance to buy me a second diamond ring for valentines day, but this year since things are a little different and priorities are A LOT different, we decided that we are just going to make a little build-a-bear love gift for our little boy--the kind where you can put in a cheezy recording of tom and I talking mushy and telling him how much we love him. that's pretty much the excitement for our romantic valentines day. And YEA! for babies. Tom's good friend Nate and his wife Kelsey just told us they are expecting their first little one in August--so our little kiddo's will be five months apart. Brig is also close to his cousin Addison in age too--just 6 months apart. Hopefully someday we will live close by so Brigham will have some good friends! Someday....but for now, western massachusetts will have to do.


Rains Family

So exicted for you guys! This next month will go by very fast...


Can't wait to be grandparents again! We love you lots!

Love, Mama and Papa T


Looks like little Brigham already has a fan club! Count us in! This is an exciting time Kelly, keep blogging!!! :)