Thursday, January 15, 2009

We are alive and well....

its been TWO WEEKS since I last blogged on here, so I wanted to just post that we are alive and well at the Tillotsons....just very busy preparing for our impending move. Tom is leaving on Sunday morning, but is only taking clothes and personal items--so not much. I've started packing--I'm just doing it all in weekly shifts because I am getting my boxes from my friend/old boss from dunkin donuts. When they get a new shipment of goods, he saves me the boxes--its helping out a lot and saving us a bundle---having to buy boxes is so expensive!
No real major Briggy updates lately...I was hoping he'd be walking by his 11 month birthday, but so far he only has interest in cruising and crawling. I'm a little nervous that the momentous occasional will happen when daddy is away.
Briggy has a new favorite lunch: turkey and cheese on wheat. Well, its sort of a sandwich--just broken up in a lot of small bites.
I haven't been taking any pictures, so I have no cute Briggy pics to share, but I plan on taking a picture EVERYDAY the entire time we are away from Tom so he will get to see his little guy everyday.
Please keep Tom in your prayers, as he will be driving down to Texas (about 25 hour drive)Hopefully he will have a safe-storm free journey to the Lonestar state.
Oh, I do have a picture to post. THIS IS THE PLACE! that we want to call home. I know I blogged another house a few weeks ago...but this is definitely the one we want. Its in the best neighborhood, 3300 sq. feet, a real beaut.

I really like the kitchen--nice cabinents and stainless steel appliances.

It has 4 bedrooms, A gameroom (playroom), study, utility room, 2 car garage....and I like that its not all brick.


Jessie Adams

That house looks lovely. I hope you get it. :) I hope Tom does alright on his drive down to Texas. We drove as well and it was long but we made it just fine. Good luck to you guys.


very nice home! Don't you want to see a bunch first? It's so fun to be in the house and know that's the one. It was so exciting buying our first home.

The Forney Four

So did I convince you? is this in Travis Ranch??!!