Sunday, July 11, 2010

a few little projects ive been up to....

ive been doing a little less cleaning the past month and doing a few little quick projects during nap time. i should probably be doing more cleaning...oh well...heres a little peek:

Part one of laundry room silliness:

Part two of laundry room cuteness:

Part three of laundry room frivilousness:

Kitchen Decor {aka trying to fill in that awkward wasted space}:

As part of a gift to Briggy's little friend Jane, I made one of my decorated clipboards filled with turtle activities { has great preschool printables!} she loves turtles and had a turtle birthday party--so cute! I have to make Briggy and Ollie ones, I plan on doing super cute monsters for them...hope to get that done after this week's ollie bday party-poolza.:

Craft room cuteness:

I heart polkadots.