Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oliver turns 1!!

So....we ended up having to postpone the Banana's & BBQ Birthday Bash for Oliver that was supposed to be on the 17th because Tom and I came down with a NASTY stomach bug. UGHHH. It was horrible. Anyway, the plan is to have it rescheduled for the 31st---I hope people come! You'll be able to catch a glimpse of the color scheme with the entryway birthday banner for Ollie--It was the one decoration I got up so he had SOMETHING on the 20th. I made an experimental birthday cake with applesauce instead of was kind of mushy, but the boys seemed to like it. I didn't have any shortening, so I couldnt make a quick frosting with the rice milk and sugar--so I just sprinkled it with a bit of powdered sugar. For the birthday party I hope to concoct a 'vegan' buttercream--we'll see!
Briggy was very loving and playful with Ollie all day...even sharing better. We listened to the Happy Birthday! song OVER AND OVER AGAIN! and danced and had a nice time. Ollie was a total mess after eating/playing with the cake so we had to give him a bath {which is almost like torture because he hates the bath soooo much} and then konked out! We had a good time, but I'm really looking forward to having friends and some family over for the party.
Thank you to all the aunts, uncles, grandmas and granddads that sent oliver lots of love and presents. He is one spoiled little monkey!!


Rains Family

Great banner Kelly! Oliver looks so adorable in his birthday outfit. Can't wait to see pictures of the party!!

Kate Challis

Hey so if you are celebrating on the 31st, can we come?! It would be way fun to see you. I can ask my aunt if we can stay with her, or we can just drive back the same day :)

Kelly Tillotson

yes!! come come come! its starting at 4pm {when they are done napping} but you are welcome to come anytime! we'll be happy to see you and meet jane!!

Grandma Tina

It looks like Mr. Oliver had a great birthday! I love his outfit! Take lots of birthday pics this weekend.