Sunday, July 4, 2010

Meet Baldy Briggy!

Tom and I had a BIT of a miscommunication on how I wanted Briggy's hair trimmed. Apparently this is what you get when you ask for "a cute short military cut...but not bald"
this is what i consider bald. tom said he would have had to bic it to be bald. like i said....miscommunication! :P

At least it'll grow back. I had a hair mishap too---my hair didn't take well to blonde and bleach and turned half yellow half orange--after mulitple tries, and no luck, I opted to hack off almost all the orange...but the tips were still orange. Just the other day I put a dark blonde dye over it. I know it'll fade and not look so great after a few washes, but it gives me some time to figure out what the heck to do with my hair! ugh. its always something with me!!!

Here is "Briggy Daddy" all dressed up to go to work. It was the cutest thing. He got dressed like that in our bedroom and found me in the laundry room gave me a kiss and said "Briggy Daddy!" like my little husband coming home to greet me with a kiss. *swoon* he gives me hugs and kisses all the time, he loves his mommy!!!
Oliver got a kick out of Briggy's outfit and while eating lunch in his chair got a fashion show. He clapped along and just loves watching his big brother!!
{notice that weird finger thing briggy is doing? he copies steve on blues clues--who does two thumbs up, but briggy puts up the fingers next to his thumb instead...i have no idea why...he is such a riot!}