Monday, August 2, 2010

Bananas & BBQ Birthday Bash!

I wish I had a better camera and skills to take better photos, but I'll post a few up now just to show how much fun my little ollie man had! Some friends {with a much better camera} got some fun pics of the kids in action and even a family shot of all four of us! hopefully I can post those later in the week...but for now, here is the party set up:

this was the main "treats" table with all the cupcakes and snacks. I had banana cupcakes with yellow cream cheese frosting and chocolate sprinkles and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and yellow sprinkles. They were topped off with cute monkey cupcake toppers {from the martha stewart party kit} I had 2-tiered yellow treat trays that I made filled with slices of chocolate chip banana bread. In the monkey cups was "monkey munch"! {pretzels, popcorn, banana chips and craisins} I really wanted to make a banner that said "treats" to sling on the front of the table, but the polka dot trim had to do...i ran out of time!!

When you first walked in the house you were greeted by the one and only banner {can you tell im a little ticked i didnt get around to doing more?!} It says OLIVER and 1s--im actually going to back the individual banner circles with heavier cardstock or chipboard and make a scrap flipbook of a few of the favorite pics from the day.
The present table {before guests arrived} also had all the favor bags lined up on it. I couldnt fit the monkey beach balls in the bags, so I had to put them in the baskets below. The kids had fun playing with those all throughout the party. {Briggy found those REAL quick and was throwing them around at everyone!}
Inside the favors were little treat bags that said "Im bananas over you" with monkey and banana stickers with banana runts and banana chips inside as well as a little bottle of monkey bubbles. fun!

The kitchen bar with alllllllll theeeeeeeeeee fooooooooooooooooooood. of course i went wayyyyyyyyyy overboard as usual and made wayyyyy tooooo muchhhhh foooood! but all the salads and bbq pulled pork came out yummy, so leftovers are welcome :)
Just a small detail, but the brown forks and napkins were placed in glass jars with yellow polka dot ribbon and the yellow cups all had monkey name tags on them for everyone to write their names. with all these summer BUGS going around, I thought i'd limit exposure as much as possible!

Ollie getting EXCITED to monkey around and PARRRRRTYYYY!

I LOOOOVVVVED their yellow and brown polo shirts! when I saw these on clearance a while back I had to snatch matching shirts for Briggy and Ollie! I love themmm! they matched perfect with the party theme/color scheme! {mommy wore yellow and brown and daddy wore brown too! awhhhh! we're dorks!}

Eating a yummy banana birthday cupcake {with no yummy sad!} he didnt mind at all though, he loved his new sweet snack! I bought the cutest bib that said "1st birthday" with a monkey dangling on it. And of course I forgot to put it on him! oh well. I may just take a pretend shot of him in it later....

Here are some of our fun guests! Ollie had lots of little girls attend....he is SUCH a stud muffin :) The Romney's little boy Scott thought Ollie's hair was "soo cool!" :P

Ah! I just realized I dont have any pictures of Briggy on my camera! the duttons took lots of great pics of him getting MESSY! with chocolate cupcakes and having fun. So as not to leave him out, here was him the other day trying on his new swim gear for the pool. The neighborhood pool was closed because someone rented it out for a party...but after getting him all suited up we didnt have the heart to not play and "swim" so we went out in the backyard. He loves his "super hero" swim suit. hahaha! it was hilarious watching him move, dance and play in that!!

We had lots and lots of funnnnnn! I can't believe my little chunky monkey ollie is growing up so fast!

Im linking up to one of my favorite party sites!
*almost all decor and bits and pieces were homemade--however, the monkey cups and cupcake toppers came from a martha stewart party kit {that i believe is discontinued}


Rains Family

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! SOOOO STINKIN CUTE!!! Maybe I'll have to do a monkey party for Luke one day and borrow your ideas :) Glad you had such a good party!!

Grandma Tina

Great job Miss Kelly! The table looks great against your brown wall. I wish we could have been there to celebrate Oliver's special day.


Wow Kelly! You are amazing. I love the whole theme- it looks like it turned out great!


hey! I found your post on a party blog! So funny!!! Was such a great party!


HI Kelly!!

Just to let you know your party has been featured on Bird Crafts! :)

Thanks again for linking up!!