Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Thats what I yell when the boys are driving me bonkers....just kidding. okay, maybe not! I do call them kooky monsters when they get wild and fiesty. Briggy's favorite things right now are Blues Clues {only the episodes with Joe...not Steve!} and Monsters. {and Ollie likes everything Briggy does, because Ollie thinks Briggy is soooo cool!} I hope he still likes monsters around his 3rd birthday, because I've been stashing away cheapy monster finds and color ideas for his upcoming birthday party....which is six months away! Im hoping that I can find some monster halloween clearance at the CHRISTMAS TREE SHOP {yeahhhhH!} now that Dallas is getting one!
After making a turtle clipboard for Jane's birthday, I set aside my last 2 blue clipboards for the boys to make monster project holders! {Ollie will be coloring away before you know it!} and this clipboard is nice because it has a cover and I can keep Briggy's weekly alphabet and number activities as well as save=worthy drawings.
Ollie was taking a morning nap {now that he is waking up at 6:30-6:40 am and NOT nursing, he stays up and has his rice milk, eats breakfast, watches cartoons with Briggy and is pretty tired by 10 am. He'll sleep for *1:30-2 hours* and be ready for play time and lunch. Briggy goes down at 2-2:30 for a nap, and Im hoping Ollie does okay with his second nap around 2:30-3 so I can at least get an hour or so to myself in the afternoon. Its only day two of trying this schedule, so we'll see how it goes.
so, while Ollie was sleeping this morning, Briggy has coloring time, and I finished their notebooks---briggy had to carry it around for awhile before I could stash them for safe-keeping.
Arent they cute? The only problem i have with them is that Briggy's yellow monster is a bit see-through, so you can see the polka dots through the body. oh well. I like how the open mouth lets in the dots and they look like pearly whites! :)

ps--the font that I printed their names out with is called "smiley monster" its one of my fav-go to fonts...isnt it adorable, and the name is very fitting!



JOE ROCKS! One of the families I was a nanny for loved that show and started calling Joe my boyfriend because I always said he was sooo cute! the clipboard are too cute!