Thursday, August 5, 2010

Proud Mommy!

Today was super busy for some reason. Or it felt super busy because Ollie is now waking up at a normal time (8:30ish) and awake and getting into things for those few hours that used to be low-key hours for me and brigs. A lot of whining, bumping into things, trying to climb up my leg, spilling drinks and oozing buggers. phew! the day and the life of a mommy!

During Briggy's coloring sessions today he made some really great drawings. This first one is of him {I usually talk about the pictures with him right after wards, and maybe I put the thoughts in his head after the fact, but its cute to hear his responses} He was quick to tell me that "No! mama! Nose!: after I pointed to the center circle thinking he was drawing his favorite one-eyed monster mike wazowski {we love monsters inc!} turns out that was "briggy's nose" and the eyes were the circles on the very top of the head. DUH! hahaha. So I asked what was all around him and he said "Balls, Balls, Bubble and loooonnnnnnn!" {balloon} Its pretty good, but not as good as the one he did a few weeks ago of Daddy.

Then we got to talking about monsters {because even though we are ending our SECOND week of M's {I got a little behind with the birthday party planning...and there was so much fun M stuff {not to mention thats a sound we are working extra hard on!} and he was drawing for a while, I was feeding ollie, and then I glanced over and saw this really awesome picture!

If you are familiar with Monsters Inc, this looks a lot like the skinny mean monster Randall. I asked Briggy if that was the mean guy Randall and he said. Yes, momma! but he nah meeee he freneeeeeee!" {hes not mean, hes friendly} so this is the friendly twin of randall :) I was really impressed. Im saving all these drawings and laminating them. I love his creativity and enthusiasm for doing "projects" with mommy. He is such a good boy. His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and hes making so much progress. He can do almost all the signs from the signing time dvd's that grandma tina bought for ollies birthday--he says the word, sings along AND does the sign. He knows them by heart even when the dvd isnt on {although its usually on constant repeat to avoid crazy temper tantrums....he is OBSESSED. We listen to the cd that came with it too....He is so stinkin smart!}

AND....if that wasnt enough.....

Oliver is pulling up and crawling amazingly well. A lot sooner then I think the OT even imagined. I can't wait til shes here next week so she can see the progress and have him show her how he can climb up the stairs! He did THE ENTIRE set up stairs this afternoon!! Of course I was right behind him the whole time and had to help him in the beginning get the hang of it, but he managed and did it! I was sooooooooooooo PROUD! That is HUGEEEEE. Hypotonia Schmypotonia---He is showing who's boss!! I am more than confident that we will reach our goal of him crawling properly and then walking by 18 months. At the rate he's going it could even be 15-16 months! But I dont want to get my hopes up....he is progressing so much, thats all that matters!

I love my buggery boys!

Here is all of us at the bday party!

{courtesy of the duttons--thank you!}


Jocelyn Christensen

How awesome! Kid's artwork is so great, so personal! I love it! So glad we'll be spending September together during the Family proclamation party!!! - Jocelyn

Grandma Tina

Great art- work Brigg's!
You draw better than your daddy.
Keep up the good work!

See you soon!