Friday, November 19, 2010

A few crafts from the past week....

In trying to keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive, I've been doing a lot of thanksgiving-y crafts with the boys and a few myself:

Gobble Gobble! Just some 2x4s. The turkey didnt stand out as much as I would have liked, should have used a darker brown--I'll probably fix it for next year.

Meet Henry. We couldnt have ANOTHER Tom Turkey around here, so we decided that Henry was the perfect name. Or "Hey-reeee" as Briggy calls him! Just made of a 2x4, paint stick, popsicle sticks, paint and paper!

This was a fun FHE activity we did with the boys. Everything is their hand or finger prints! {except the ABC stamps Briggy used to spell out Gobble Gobble!} I love using their hand and feet prints in crafts!!

And today, I finished up my first Christmas craft. I know, I cheated! I wanted to wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving to start, but we needed a countdown! I love doing the block countdowns, but I wanted something a little different for upstairs!

I used an old frame without glass, a wooden plaque that I painted chalkboard paint on, my FAVORITE wrapping paper, and paper diecuts for my BFF {the cricut}
I thought the red would really stand out, but not so much....and i cut the Christmas font a little too big. Not perfect, but functional, and matches great with the upstairs decor!

Happy Crafting!