Thursday, November 4, 2010

Snapshots of Life: 8 am

This was the scene at the Tillotson home at 8 am this morning!
Eating Breakfast--Ollie...cereal mix. Corn flakes, Cheerios, Kix, Krispies...Im all out of fruit other than apples...and for some reason, he wont eat apple dices!

Briggy: ate a waffle AND a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I made his waffle like usual, he scarfed it down so fast--and then one of the characters on the cartoons was eating peanut butter and he got a craving... the really good kind too, on that bad-for-you white bread {im all out of wheat, and the only bread i could find at walmart without milk {for ollie} was the sunbeam white bread. Im sure there are others, but in our price range and my hurriedness, thats what I found!}

---Don't you just love their bed head?! hahaha lovin' thier messy locks!---

What a great breakfast. What did mommy have? 14 ounces of diet pepsi and 3 pretzels. I know this because I started a food diary so I could SEE how horribly and unhealthy I eat--hoping it would trigger some better food choices. Im pretty much the worst eater ever.


eighteen25 girls

cute pictures and your breakfast sounds good to me. ;) thanks for participating.