Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!!!

Last night at our wards Halloween Carnival, the boys were able to play lots of games and win candy!

{I love how little Ollie blends in with the decor haha!}

I was nervous that I wouldnt be able to go out with the boys tonight because ever since take-out last night I have been feeling.....rather ill {to put it nicely} you dont want details, TRUST ME. Ugh! Im feeling a little better...but I can only handle water...otherwise I feel like crap again---rolaids and water....officially old!

Anyway, the boys {I should say just Briggy--Ollie just was NOT HAPPY in his costume last night or today. We only went to a few houses and then I took him back home to give him dinner....he was a cute pumpkin...but not happy with his momma or daddy!}

The most HILARIOUS part of the night is that Briggy ran into not ONE but TWO people's houses. They were talking to him and for whatever reason he felt like he was a welcome guest to just pop in, eat their candy and look at all their decor! We were right there with him--but we were NOT expecting him to do that!!!

The "Great Pumpkin" made his annual delivery at the Tillotsons! I stuffed their Halloween bags while they were eating dinner with ABC magnets, lots of dinosaurs and jungle creatures. Thats all the rage here, good thing the Great Pumpkin pays attention to things like that...the boys were VERY EXCITED to play!

Briggy had a special Halloween dinner--nothing fancy--unfortunately he has a very limited palette--but a pumpkin shaped grilled cheese and apple mouths went over really well!

lots of candy, we recycled half of his bag to trick or treaters and saved quite a few candies for him to gobble down the next few days! Overall, it was a great weekend {other than my gurgling stomach}
We were Jack Mormons tonight, taking in all the spooky festivities and trick or treating....We've got to be extra good and grateful this Thanksgiving season to make up for our Tom-foolerly! :P


Rains Family

Ollie is so adorable I want to squeeze him!!! And so is Briggy :) We saw many Woody's and it was one of Addy's favorite costumes. Glad you guys had a nice halloween and I hope you're feeling better!!

Grandma Tina

The boys look adorable!!!!!!!!
It looks like you had a great Halloween! I hope your feeling better.