Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweet & Sexy Soiree

Last week was total MAYHEM. I flew back home to CT for my best friend Ambyr's wedding. Because I'm out of state and wanted to throw her bridal shower, we had to wait until a couple days before the wedding to throw it. I was able to purchase and pre make a lot of things for the shower, but only so much can fit in suitcases, so lots of it was made a couple nights before with my other best friend {and wedding photographer} Jessie. {did I mention shes also my big sis? shes amazing and puts up with all my craziness}

Here are the preview shots from the online store I bought the invites from {vistaprint} they always have so many deals, I got these for free and just paid shipping!

Normally I am not into "Sexiness". Ambyr is GORGEOUS, but thats just not me. Id rather things be cutesy and do a homemaking shower over anything else--but she really wanted lingere as gifts, so I went with it. I tried to incorporate as much SWEETNESS and cuteness with a little hint of sexiness here and there. The color scheme for the party was Red, Black and Polka dots! Fun! The shower was held in the evening in an old lounge room off of a bar. Perfect spot--even the chairs had red and black leather with studs on them! It was a small room, but perfect for girl talk, gossip and present-opening peep-shows!

I got a little cheeky with some of the food labeling. Originally we were going to have a "make your own whoopie pie" set up called "Makin' Whoopie" but we had a few minor issues with the recipe and ended up buying some last minute at the grocery store. We still kept the sign "Makin' Whoopie Pies" love it. Hopefully everyone got the play on "makin' whoopie" and night activities.

The other cheeky labeling was "Cherry-poppin' corn" dirty for a mormon girl, right? how could I resist? The candied cherry popcorn was SOOO good! I love those little cones!

Other treats were dipped marshmallows, red velvet cupcakes, white and dark chocolate dipped strawberries and raspberry infused water {although most of the ladies sipped on red-colored champagne}

Here is one of the Bridesmaids "Sassy Cassie" with the red-tinted champagne!

There were 6 tables, and each table got their own cute centerpiece. Stryofoam spheres were wrapped in polkadot fabric and stuck with a dowel to give a lollipop apperance. One of the spheres was stuck with hundreds of red valentine tootsie pops. I made one of those crepe paper rolled rose topiaries that TOOK FOREVER AND A WEEK to make. Ugh! too much work--I wouldnt recommend it. Instead of making a second just like it the other crepe paper ball is just ripped pieces with diamond floral pins. Cupcake wrappers and red polka dot scrapbook flowers were pinned to the other styrofoam ball centerpiece.

The floating tissue pom poms are from Martha Stewart {actually part of her blood/vampire halloween line in stores now for the holiday!}

Originally I planned on making lingere cookies for the favors. I bought a bikini cookie cutter set online that looked like a bra and panties, and was going to frost them red and black---unfortunately we ran out of time and I used plan b favors--these black and white candle favors from michaels. They smelled really good--and said Thank you on top. Fast and Easy...just what we needed!

We took some really cute bride-to-be and bridesmaids shots before the night was over. I love them! Im the chubby maid-of-honor choking the bridezilla! told you she was GORGEOUS! It was a really fun night, and everyone seemed to have a great time and complimented me tons on the decor. Thanks to sleepless nights and all of Jessies help my Sweet and Sexy Soiree vision came alive!

All digital images are courtesy of My Sugar Sweet Digital Photography!

excited to show off all the hard work and fun ambyr's bridal shower was!!


Rains Family

Kelly, it looks FANTASTIC!!! Love it!! She must have been thrilled with everything :)


I love it! This looked beautiful, and the Elks was a perfect location for this type of party. As always, your parties are inspiring! Keri Hoehne

What a great party!! You can plan one for a business from home!! You are so good at it... very creative!


Cool! Hope you have a good weekend! :) Shauna from


LOVE!! SExy, sassy, very you?! :)

Would be great as a twilight theme too!

Thanks so much for linking up! Come back tomorrow for the show off of fave parties!


Grandma Tina

I love it!! What a great party!

Miss the boys!!!!! Give them a great big kiss.


Kelly you are so creative! I love the the invites. How did you find a deal to get them free!?