Saturday, October 16, 2010

Random Halloween Decor

Since hardly anyone ever comes over, and we're pretty much the only one who sees how i decorate, i thought id show a few pics of some halloween stuff we've put up. There are still a few projects I want to finish, but im not sure if they'll get up before Halloween comes! It takes me A LOT LONGER to finish projects than I would like!

I think these are my favorite! i love the little pumpkin and bat jingles when you open the door. I found these at Ocean State Job Lot when I was home in CT a few weeks ago.

These little ghosties hung in my home when I was a child. I convinced my mom that it would be a good idea to pass them down to me! I always loved them so much! I want to put up garland in that entry way that says "beware" or something...havent got around to it yet, but hopefully within the next couple days.... The boys love them :)

Jessie snagged this BOO sign from the DI in Utah. Some forgotten little Super Saturday project. It deserved a good home :) Its a little old-school, but Briggy loves it because he can spell it. B-O-O- BOO! mommy! Boo! I hear that WAYYYY too much throughout the day, but I can't complain, Briggy has got his ABC's down and loves to spell! We're so proud of him!!! {I swear I can see Ollie shaking his head like "okay, brigs--enough---just like I feel after the 4590000 times he said and spelled it! ha!}

Our "Spook-ified" Diningroom table. When the boys get a little older I want to have a spooky dinner and have them feel all the gross eyeballs and brains and stuff. I think they are still a little young...but for now, its merely decoration!

I had originally planned on spray painting those fake pumpkins white and stenciling "BOO" on them. but most everything I have is orange and black, so I thought it would look out of place. So I just left them the way they are. Maybe I should have glittered them orange--oh well, there's always next year.

Here's the entryway table. Its missing something, well a few things. I had attempted to make these cute fluffy yarn spiders, but im incompetent, and they came out looking HORRIBLE! I am going to try to find some cute spiders to add the the web. I made that spiderweb-memoboard---i thought it was pretty neat.
I feel like the table needs something on either side of the EEK blocks, but havent had any inspiration on what that should be. Maybe just some small pumpkins? Oh well, for now, it gets the job done!

Last but not least, the cutest boys in matching shirts {we were about to have a fun day out at the Christmas Tree Shops and the Mall play area with the "Ga-gos!" {The Salgados}

Briggy has been potting training the last few days and doing AWESOME at it. When we put underwear on him, not so awesome. So we've had a little naked boy running around--hopefully he'll get the hang of the underwear thing in the very near future! Ollie has been walking SOOO many steps here and there this past week! He is totally on his way to becoming a full-fledged walker! The goal we established with his Occupational Therapist was 18 months, and I think he will beat that by a few months!! Go Ollie!! Go Briggy!!! Our boys are the BEST!!!