Thursday, October 28, 2010

#5 at 5pm: Halloween Fun?

One of the blogs I visit frequently started a new thing where you take a picture on a thursday at a scheduled time of day {snapshots of life}. Today's time was 5 pm. I thought it would be fitting to pick the 5th picture I snapped since it pretty much encompassed the mood of the evening.

We had been planning on doing pumpkin carving on monday for FHE, but each day things or meetings got in the way, so finally today was the day! Ive been so excited, thinking Briggy would totally want to DIG IN! and get all gross and ooey gooey. I figured Ollie would try eating the glop, and then play with the scoops---I figured out Ollie just right, Briggy on the other hand DID NOT LIKE the pumpkins! As soon as I pulled the top off and he saw what was inside---he started to freak out!!! He was screeching "NO THANKKKK YOUUUU!" over and over again. At least he was polite about it?
I thought a 2-almost 3 year old boy---especially a BRIGGY BOY would be all about this, but he was so grossed out! I touched him with my hand that had some of the goo on it, and he insisted on washing his hands. He better grow out of this sissy stuff fast! Maybe its just a phase....anyway, here's the Tillotsons at 5 pm!

here are a couple other snapshots....we had to take a break and feed the boys {and blog of course} and then while the boys are watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, mommy will be carving all by her lonesome!



Too funny!


that is funny!! we have a couple in our family that won't touch the stuff with a ten foot pole either! haha. love the picture of him trying to get away!! so fun. thanks so much for sharing. have a great halloween!!