Friday, November 19, 2010

Snapshots of Life: 9 pm

Last night was my first attempt on a sewing machine! ahhh! I made some burp cloths and diaper wipe cases, etc. with help from my awesome friend Sarah {check out her AMAZING craft blog! shes got the best tutorials!}

here are the fruits of my labor--burp cloths for my cousins new little baby girl, lyric! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS HOT PINK FABRIC {its like a beehive pattern with polka dots and little bees randomly throughout}

We didnt quite finish everything because it was getting late....and I had to get home to watch Greys Anatomy and the Mentalist with the hubber! {and of course Real Housewives...but thats a naptime/folding laundry treat!}



Way to go! I am new to sewing also, but am having fun learning new things! I'll have to check out your friend's blog. I want to learn how to make diaper wipe covers!