Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brig's One Month Check-up

Today both Briggy and I had our checkup's. Brigham is 8 lb's exactly and 21 inches. She said he was advanced in all the developmental things she checked for, which was suprising to her because of his preemie status. we were really happy to hear that, especially me...i feel guilty that he came out so early. for percentile's she said it was more acurate to go by him being born on his due date, so he was 75th in both weight and length. I think his head circumference was 14 or 14.5. We are so thankful for his health!!
My midwife sort of burst my bubble today on having another baby close to briggy. I told her we were hoping for them to be 18 months apart....because of my pre-eclampsia there is a high risk for a few problems (chronic-hypertension, problems with your kidneys)...all pretty scary stuff. she said we definitely had to weight a full year before trying for (a GIRL! hehe)--so my blood pressure can be monitered etc etc. Hopefully my blood pressure will continue to go down and I can get to a healthy place this time next year. Other than that, I am able to start excersizing and getting on to normalcy.
Oh, I almost forgot. Today was Brigham's first stroller adventure! Tom and I took Brig's to the mall to find a blessing outfit. (Let me tell you, the pickens are slim) All the boys suits had these big, gaudy crosses on them. We found one that didnt have any of that....but they are so expensive for the cheap quality that they are!! Im disapointed that its not a cute outfit, but we were desperate...we couldnt find anything else.



kelly, you should try out dressedinwhite.com they have some really cute outfits on there that aren't to expensive compared to these local stores! give me a call if you need anything! glad you and baby are doing well


well, rats, i bought that one on ebay.


Bobby's wife Ashley is going to use her wedding dress to make her baby's blessing outfits. Blessing gowns can be handed down to all your children - male and female. I think it's an awesome idea. What are you going to do with that dress anyway, right?!? Are you handy with the machine? Or, do you know someone who is handy with a machine? Good luck!