Thursday, March 13, 2008

Play time with Briggy!

the past few days brigham has been.....demanding. im hoping its just a little growth spurt/phase he is going through this week, but ever since last friday brig has been having LONG drawn out crying spells (our favorites are from midnight to about 3:30 am...) hes also been spitting up like a madman. i was nervous that maybe something was wrong, but i think the spitting up has to do with him over-eating. he doesnt ever quit. he wants to eat every hour and a half or starting to lose it! im praying for the day when i can get more than an hour bout of sleep. four hours sounds like heaven! other than being a bit.....fussy....brigham has wanted to start playing in the afternoon. he likes the bouncey chair, but on the gym mat he was having fun looking all around, swatting at the toys above him...and he actually did pretty well at "tummy time" im not exactly sure when you are supposed to start that, but i gave it a whirl the other day and he was scooting his legs and arms--it looked like he was trying to swim. he's lifting his head up (mostly to the side) a bit on his own too...i think these are all normal first month milestones, but the doctors all warned me not to get my hopes up that he would be "behind" since he was supposed to be born....yesterday! but since day one he has suprized us all with his growth and progression. all and all, things are going well at the tillotson home, mommy and daddy are just a bit drowsy! We plan on having Brigham's blessing at church on the 30th of march....i just need to find him a little white outfit! there is a cute vintage one online that my sister found from the not sure if we'll make the bid, but i need to find something fast!
ps- he's wearing bibs in almost every picture, because of his rampant spitting up----he goes through so many outfits, and i hate to say this but...he stinks! i cant bathe him fast enough...that sour milk smell has GOT TO GO!


Rains Family

Sorry you're not getting any sleep, it gets better! The spit up smell is the worst, I had Addy in bibs all the time!