Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Little Sweet Pea!

Briggy has this little green swaddle that makes him look like he's a little sweet pea, and the boppy that sister wightman gave to him is covered with little sweet pea babies. we thought it'd make a cute picture: (by the way, brig HATES being in the swaddle--he loves his arms and little hands either by his face or stretched out and lounged out above his head. You'll hear him grunt on and off for the first 30 minutes or so once I put him down, trying to squeeze his hands out of the swaddle....and that little stinker WINS! he is so strong...When I go in to check on him, those little hands are sticking out!



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What a precious bundle o' joy!

And you're righr! He looks just like a pea in a pod.

Congrats on being a new mommy!



What a cutie! Can't wait til my baby is here so we can "Play"

Rains Family

Oh little Briggy, I can't believe he doesn't like the swaddle. Maybe you have to get him tighter! Addy used to wiggle her way out when she was first born, and we would wrap her even tighter-- it worked like a charm! He does look like he's getting bigger, he must love his milk!!


I love the first picture where he is just peeking out of his swaddle! He is abolutely adorable. He does look like a little sweet pea!