Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Photos!!

Here are some photos of all of us from the past few days!
On Wednesday we drove up to Vermont to visit Joseph Smith's birthplace. We could not have planned a more perfect day for weather and foliage.
Did you know that Joseph Smith has some interesting relatives...namely FDR, Nixon, Bush, Ford, and Winston Churchill? Oh..and that Emma was his seventh cousin? And that Emma is actually even MORE directly related to President Bush? Isn't that crazy? I had never heard of that! They all originate from the Mayflower passenger John Howland.

Then we took some super cute pictures of my little Briggy! He'll be EIGHT MONTHS next week! I can't hardly believe how fast time is zooming by. We picked out pumpkins...a big lumpy one for tom and me and a cute little round one for briggy :)

Briggy attempting to gnaw on a wheat bagel for the first time....

Not much happened...

Alisa took a lot of really cute pictures that I dont have on my computer yet...but when I get them, I'll be sure to post them!


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Briggy is so cute!! What a nice trip too. My good friend was just out there last week. She said it was beautiful.

Rains Family

SOOOO cute! I love the picture by the wagon :) I am jealous of your fall adventure, we haven't seen the pretty fall foliage here yet in Williamsburg.


I loved the photos they were so cute, great house, your mom will be
so sad to have brigham so far away.
I need some serious help, when is a good time to call you?

Grandma Tina

Great pics!!!!!!!!! I love Vermont this time of year.