Friday, October 17, 2008

First "real" stroller ride...

Well, those of you who know me, know I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to assembling things or anything of that nature....(and unfortunately Tom's the same way....) We couldn't figure out how to adjust the seat in Briggy's stroller so he could be sitting upright and not in the way reclined state that it was I have been using the bjorn ALL the time because Brigham loves being able to see everyone and everything around him...and when I didn't have the bjorn, I used the carseat hookup with the stroller which....I kind of felt Briggy was getting too old for....since I was spending time with Jocelyn and Brock today I thought I'd have her take a look at it since she probably had the baby-product know how I was lacking....and she did! She showed me how to adjust it and it's been smooth strollin' all day! After visit teaching sister vasicek this evening (ladies get excited about sharon's RS lesson the 26th--its gonna be a good one!) we went to walmart for some trunk or treat goodies and we cruised all around and Briggy LOVED it. He thought he was big times for sure! Everyone got a good view of how cute my pumpkin is too! Here's a pic of his very first "Big Boy" stroller adventure!

ps-- i thought i'd mention that the little critter briggy has been attached to lately and sort of shown in this picture is a little owl. we named him "hootie" in honor of auntie jessie. (this time i wont rip off the beak, i promise! love you, auntie)



Briggy looks very cute! Thanks for visiting Sharon this month. I kept thinking we should do it early, but never got around to it. You are always on top of things!


glad it worked out and he liked his ride, plus this might be better on your back too!, it gets tiring having to carry your little one all day! PS. Brock and I had so much fun! let's do something together again soon!

Grandma Tina

Briggy is sooooooooo cute! Thanks for the fall pics of him.I'm glad you got your stroller fixed ,it is better for him and you.