Friday, October 24, 2008

Our first Trunk or Treat!

(Well for Briggy and me at least!)
During Briggy's nap this afternoon I decorated our trunk all spiders to match my little baby spider, and I was "Spider Mommy Witch" with my purple spiderweb witch hat! Not the most creative costume, but we matched!
For the "Harvest Festival" party I made a snack---MONKEY FINGERS!!! (Chocolate covered bananas...something I plan on making for Briggy's monkey birthday party snack.)

Lets see, there was SO many cute costumes---I took a few pics of some kids I could get STILL for a moment...all the kids were running around like CRAZY hyped up on all the yummy sugar! We had fairy princesses, tinkerbelles, lady bugs, dinosaurs, elderly folk, cows, chickens, turtles and of course my itsy bitsy spider! Tom took a picture of Me and Briggy posing with Brock and his mommy, Jocelyn. It was a really fun night for the kids--Briggy had a great time boogying down with all the kids!

There were some fiesty teenage boys parked next to us that were hiding in the trunk and between the webs would pop out and silly string innocent candy seekers...pretty good idea!


Rains Family

Looks like so much fun! I love the monkey fingers, they look adorable :) I LOVE Briggy's costume, he is the cutest spider!


Briggy was a very cute spider last night! Scott said you had the best trunk there too. We didn't decorate ours at all. How bad is that?