Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hootie and the...Bearded Man

During the day my living room is turned UPSIDE DOWN! Briggy and his toys are master and I am a wall-building laborer and defender! If you notice in the background of the picture you can see random items lined up against things that I deem "dangerous" or "danger zones--beep beep" I say this to Briggy as he nears, and yet he doesn't seem to get it!!! I have a long skinny stroller box lined up against the lower tv stand, random items against the sliding glass door with those (sharp) blinds, a pillow against my coffee table (where I have a few pictures, magazines, dvds and a basket of pretty-smelling stuff) and then to blockade off the living room there is a wall of blankets, boxes and pillows. I think I need to quit being so cheap and go by one of those expandable/detractable play-pen fences!!! He is seriously DRIVING ME LOCCCCA.

Then (as promised) a better shot of Briggy's new pal, Hootie. Hootie Jr, I should say.....My sister Jessie has had a "hootie" almost all her life (I might have ripped the beak off of it in a spiteful seven year old rage....) So when I saw this little owl when I was pregnant, I thought...Briggy needs a hootie! I usually have him perched right up next to Brigham. This tuesday (if the weather permits) We plan on having a "Woodland Creature Picnic" in the Park! Briggy has a collection of all my favorite animals...owls, squirrels, hedgehogs, bears and moose!

And last, but not least....I wanted to show you a picture of a SCARY! bearded man. Tom hurt his index finger really bad (I should have taken a picture of the insane bruising and swelling) playing soccer last saturday. Since then, he hasn't been able to shave or do much with that I took a picture the other night before he shaved for this weeks church meeting (it was getting a bit unruly) here is my scruffy stud!



Wow, he's looking like grandpa Brent at 5pm.

Big Daddy T

Thanks Devon!
The only difference is mine now is mostly gray.

Rains Family

Sounds like you have a little boy on your hands, getting into everything! I still am able to let Addy roam all over the house, she doesn't get around too many "danger" items. Althouh, her latest was MacGregor's bowl of food this morning........

I don't like my little brother with a beard!