Thursday, October 16, 2008

My memory is failing me...

Brigham is 8 months old now, and right around 18 lbs. He is showing a real interest in "standing" lately, and gets a kick out of standing up with support of the couch. I wanted to take a picture today, but the camera had been charging upstairs....I'll have to plan better next time. It would be such a fun christmas gift if my little boy was struttin' around!
I stopped by the Sheaffers today, and had a chance to hold Holly. She is about 7 lbs 19.5 inches....and I was terrified to hold her! She was so small! My memory is failing me because I cannot remember Briggy being that small. He was SMALLER! and holding her seemed so foreign. I know generally speaking I have a horrible memory...but my own child? only 8 months ago? I felt so awkward holding such a fragile did I do it just a few months ago? Sometimes I feel like a barbarian how I have to lugg Brigs around....he doesn't let me hold him gently anymore...hardly any snuggle time...he always wants to be scooting around on his own (making sure I am watching him at all times...heaven forbid I glance away...)Babies really do grow up so incredibly fast...its pretty crazy.
I have no pictures of post! Hopefully I'll get some cute ones this weekend!



you are too cute! Thankfully Brock still wants his snuggle bug moments! {but I feel those will be gone all too soon.} {he's more of a hip baby anyway, and I don't mind!}
we're So excited for our Mall date tomorrow!