Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were going to wait until Thanksgiving to spread the GOOD NEWS! But both Tom and I are so excited, and both can't keep secrets very well! Both the grandmothers know now, so we can spill the beans to all the blogging world: We're expecting baby number 2!!!

We are SO excited, So blessed, and So IN LOVE with the idea of a new little one. Briggy has been such a darling, and now he will have a best bud to play with! I have been a little queasy the past few days...which is a symptom I rarely felt with Brigham, so maybe that means a girl?! Tom would like a girl...and I'm undecided. I thought I wanted a girl next, but the idea of a whole new gender is freaking me out a little bit!
If we have a girl, we're planning on naming her Penelope Jane
and if its a a boy, Oliver Daniel. (Daniel after my father)

So yeahhhhhh...I didn't lose all my Brigham-weight, and now I've got to tack on some more poundage :( I won't be eating McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and KFC this time around!!!
.....well, at least not as often.

In other news, It is my beautiful baby boy's NINE MONTH BIRTHDAY! We didn't do anything too special, but he did go in his big-boy seat in the shopping cart today! I have that floppy seat that covers the front portion of the cart, and he just looks all around, flashing his grin at everyone---flirting with all the ladies! He's gonna be trouble! He certainly has a way with the ladies, thats for sure. He may be a beast and whine whine whine, but one bat of those beautiful blue eyes, and a little toothy smirk; your heart cant help but melt!!!!
I hope our next little one is as adorable and delicious as Brigham!!!!
My camera is being mean and not working at the moment, but I'm charging some new batteries, and hopefully I'll be able to post a pic of my BIG BOY later!



CONGRATS!!! You have a darling family!


Wow, Congratulations! I felt a lot more queasy with Holly than with maybe it is a girl! I was worried about the different gender too, but now I'm very happy that I have a little girl...IF I have another baby I want another girl!!! I never thought I would say that. Of course that could be because Owen is entering the terrible two's and Holly is still in the sweet as pie stage.

Good luck! We look forward to meeting the new Tillotson baby next summer!

Rains Family

CONGRATS!!! So exciting!!! I have to admit, we're not all that surprised :) I am excited to find out what it is! I was not sick at all with Addy, so who knows. I've heard conflicting stories on morning sickness and how it relates to gender. Another little cousin for Addy--- HOORAY!!!! I'm sure he/she will be just as cute as Briggy!


That's wonderful news!! What a blessing.


Hurray!!! Another baby!!! I'm so excited for you both!!! I think its safe to say that all your dreams are coming true deserve it! Love to you all! ~Auntie Katie

Grandma Tina

Congrats!! Dad and I are very excited!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing very good in the "Grandma" department.


Yahooo! Congratulations.