Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turkey Tuesday

Since we aren't going to be with my immediate family on Thanksgiving, we had a mini-version of one yesterday. But first things first. Briggy went to the doctors yesterdat and he didn't/doesn't have an ear infection! Just a runny/stuffy nose (which I probably gave him) She also measured him again, and he IS longer than 28 inches...hes 29 inches! I knew he was bigger! So that was good news, but my mother was not feeling well yesterday, so she stayed up in her room and we had dinner without her :( My dad and little sis, Danielle ended up making the dinner, and it came out quite well. Thanks, guys :)
Briggy had a lot of fun playing with Grandpa, Little Grandma (my grandma), Uncle Nick and Auntie Dozie. He especially had fun playing and attacking Nicky. Here are some cute pics of the two:

Aren't they so cute playing togeher? They had a lot of fun. Briggy loves him!