Monday, June 16, 2008

4 Month Check Up!

Brigham is a sleep now recovering from the terrible shots he just recieved. So I thought I'd jot down his stat's while I had them fresh in mind.
Take home weight: 5 lbs 5 oz 4 month weight: 14 lbs 2 oz!!!
Take home length: 18 inches 4 month length: 24 1/2 inches!
Take home head circumference: 13 inches 4 month head circumference: 15 3/4 inches!
He is in the 50-75% for weight and length, but only 10-20% for head size.
He's got a pewny little noggin. I asked the doc if it had any correlation to brain size....nope. Not that I didnt already know my Briggers is mighty clever.
One weird thing is that he can flip from back to belly (average age for that is more like 5/6 months) but he doesnt turn from belly to back (which is what babies his age normally do) Tom and I both were crawling at five months, so I asked the doctor what she thought when she saw Briggy doing his "fake" crawl and she said he looks like he should be up and running with that soon. I really hope so, I cant wait to see him scamper all around. The doctor also said he seems ready to eat solids, but I told her I'm holding off until 6-7 months. Later when he wakes up I want to take pictures of him in his crazy lime green bumbo. He loves sitting up!


Rains Family

Briggy, you're growing sooo much-- we want to see you and give you LOTS of love! Kelly, you're better off with a smaller head. It's so hard putting clothes on Addy and her HUGE noggin!

another day in the life of...

I always love getting to see their vital statistics. Just enjoy him while he can't move, because life will never be the same once he's around on his own...


I can't believe Brigham is 4 months old already! It seems like we just got the news that he had been born. Enjoy him while he can't move around though, life and your house gets crazy once they can start moving around. I think this baby girl I'm pregnant with is getting no tummy time!!! I want to delay moving as long as possible.