Monday, June 30, 2008

We cant let Addy and Auntie Amy have all the fun!

Briggy made me do it! actually, in all seriousness tom and i just recently made the decision to vote for obama. we were initially romney supporters and are still really bummed out that he didnt get the nominee, because seriously--mccain? yikes. thats a time bomb waiting to go off.
addy is right---we all need to become informed and vote!


Big Daddy T

You Go Girl!

Rains Family

Are you guys crazy?!?!?! You can't move to the dark side! What's going to happen when your man Romney is chosen as McCain's running mate? Don't you listen to Romney? He wants you to support McCain! Listen to Addy, vote Weepublican. Hehe


Oh no!!! You'll change your mind. What are you two thinking???Stay away from the dark side.