Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray---its Father's Day!

Briggy, Tom and myself have been singing that all day! We needed a little hip hooraying after this past week. (Brigham is finally sleeping his normal hours again!)
Last night we had a little Meet n Greet with one my best friends, Ambyr and her boyfriend Justin. Its the first time she's met briggy so we celebrated with a FOUR WHOLE MONTHS!!! birthday dinner. Tom grilled steaks deliciously well, I made a new potato salad recipe which is SO YUMMY--im a traitor to my mothers recipe and am only going to make this new recipe from now on! and Ambyr brought the fixings for some very delicious chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. It was a great night and briggy has Auntie Amby as his current crush!

Today for Fathers Day we skipped Stake Conference (we are rotten people) and decided to lounge, eat and do whatever daddy wanted all day long. We had a lot of leftovers plus a big juicy new steak for dad plus bacon cheeseburgers. guy food galore. (who am i kidding, those are all my favorites)and tonight we are going to eat a tiramisu cheesecake i made earlier. we pretty much need to go to the gym twice a day the next week to make up for all of these devilish calories. anyway, briggy is having a blast "crawling" around (flayling his arms and legs around wildly) sitting up looking at the world and "walking around" he loves having his feet planted on the ground and he takes "steps" while we hold under his arms. He thinks he's all grown up. Brigham has his four month checkup tomorrow and I am very excited to see how much he's grown. he is such a hearty eater, he's starting to get heavy! hes just so solid! im guessing he'll be about 13 lbs. Here are some shots from yesterday's party and some shots with daddy and baby brigham!! :


Grandma Tina

Happy Father's Day Tom!!!!!!!!
It sounds like you had a good one.
You are going to have to grill for your dad and I next time.Thanks for the pictures of Briggy.
Soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

another day in the life of...

Very sweet! Happy Father's Day. I'm glad you had a nice one.

Rains Family

Happy Father's Day Tom!! What great pictures, looks like you guys had a great day :)


Tom we hope you had a great father's day!!! You look like you're loving being a daddy.