Monday, June 23, 2008

Luau Weekend

We have been a very busy bunch lately. Today we got a taste of our everyday-boring old life---i was looking forward to it! Driving back and forth is really tiring (I cant believe I did that nearly every day for seven months while tom and I were dating/engaged) Hammy loves being around people so he has been loving this past month, hes such a HAM! Here are some shots with grandpa, grandpa's best friend Rob, Mommy, Daddy and Baby Bjorn (thanks again amy and jeff---we have liked using that lately)

*Im posting my luau decorating pic's on my other blog*


Grandma Tina

It Looked like fun!!!!!!!!!
Sorry we missed the graduation party. Our best to Danielle.


I love the family pictures. You have a beautiful family! We need one to put up in our house.

Rains Family

Glad you guys love the bjorn! Addy STILL loves hers, but she is just too heavy now. Take Briggy to the grocery store in it-- so easy and he'll love looking around!