Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The following is not for the faint of heart!

oh my goodness. today was going along quite smoothly. i had a lot of "cleanup" catchup to do since we havent really been home the past two weeks. Briggy was playing very well by himself and napping for good spurts so i accomplished most of my chores. After feeding him this last time, I knew I had diaper DOODY soon after...but I got consumed with packing away all the luau decorations. I had him playing in the jumperoo and he was loving life and jumping around like crazy. So I finished up my packing and went over to jump around with briggy and snap some pics. im snapping away, we're giggling wildly having a grand old time. then i happened to look down and underneath my son was quite a large pile of you know what. POOP. icky gloppy nasty mustardy poop. (I told you this was not for the faint of heart) and maybe youre thinking this is all too much information, but i know some of my family will get a real kick out of the horror and hilarity of this all. So i pull my briggers out of the jumperoo contraption to find the front of the seat COMPLETELY covered in chunky spit up, and the other side COMPLETELY covered in his sticky gooey poo. then i examine my son more closely....his entire butt part of the diaper is soaked in poo and coming out of every crevice. poo is dripping down his leg....i grabbed a towel from the bathroom, covered the sink bottom, whipped off the diaper and rinsed him off before i soaped him all up and gave him a very well needed bath. holy POOP. I have never witnessed anything more disgusting in all my briggy days and let me tell you he's had some pretty icky ones. again, sorry for the "graphic" nature of this content, but these pictures dont even do it justice!

Here is us having fun:

Then the trouble begins:



LOL...Who knew poop could get all over a baby so fast! I've had a few experiences with rushing Owen to the bath tub too. I'm sure this won't be your last emergency trip there either. It's best to have a sense of humor about it!

Grandma Tina

Oh my goodness that was way too much info!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Briggy has that guilty look!
I hope he won't be a "closet-pooper" when he gets older.
Grandpa will sure appreciate this.


That was seriously gross. At least he has got the old saying of "anything worth doing is worth doing well" all wrapped up. Welcome to yet another aspect of motherhood that we all somehow forget to share with you beforehand. LOL

Rains Family

Yes, disgusting! Once he eats solids it will be alot more contained-- but soooo stinky!!

another day in the life of...

I completely sympathize with you. The first stinky diaper that I changed of Benson's, I lifted up his legs and poop shot right out, all over me, the wall & my sister!


I haven't quite ever dealt with that, and I hope I won't have to. I'll leave that to daddy!
but those are some "great" memories!

Anne Burlinson

Hey, my 12 mo. old son got the same Jumperoo!! Such a cute bub!