Saturday, June 7, 2008

Moms--I need help!

I have been swaddling briggy at night since he was born. Two weeks ago when it started getting very warm I decided to stop swaddling him. He went from aboht 7-8 hour stretches to about 5. So, that stunk, but I figured he'd get used to it and start sleeping better. A few days ago Briggy starting rolling over from back to tummy. I thought that was a good thing, but then came bed-time. Ive had briggy swaddled and in a sleep positioner in the past, but now at night the second I lay him down on his back he flips over to his tummy. Ive been battling with him and turning him back over onto his back...and thats not going well. I would be okay with it if his little head was cocked or tilted to the side where I could see his nose and that he was getting enough air, but he rolls over face/nose down into the mattress. what do I do? It just doesnt seem safe with his entire face smushed into the mattress. So for the past few nights I've just put him in his bouncey chair to sleep. I know that can't be a long term fix, so what on earth do I do??!! can you tell im freaking out by all my rambling?
Ive been reading a ton on SIDS and the "back to sleep" phenomenon and asking pretty much anyone with a baby what there experience is---and everyone I have spoken to says its fine---that if they can roll and lift their heads, they'll be okay...briggy can do those things, but like I said--he lays face smushed down. One of the risk factors for SIDS is being premature and having a low birth weight. Briggy was a month early and 5 lbs 14 oz at birth===but now he is at a completely healthy and average weight---does that matter or is he still at risk for sids?
Im thinking about calling his pediatrician...he has his four month check up next week...I just have called there so many times in the past they probably think im a little nuts. what can I say, I'm a worry-wort! always have been always will be!
anyway, any advice will be appreciated! hope everyone has a nice weekend! its supposed to be 90-100 out this way!!! oh and while im at it---any thoughts about sunscreen for babies under six months? all the bottles say do not use if under six months...I try to cover him as much as I can ( brimmed hats still dont fit him....) but id feel better if I knew he had more protection--thanks !!
(ps--is anyone else having a problem with changing the font color? i dont have the option to change it on my posting screen)



Wow woman, you've got a bunch of stuff stirring around in your mind....first, you are a great mom and you are doing a great job. Don't sweat the sleep thing. He will be alright if he can lift his head, but if you are uncomfortable call the doc or keep putting him to sleep in the bouncy thing til you can get to the doc next week. Lots of shade for the little babies under 6 months and all the other things like big floppy hats. You are doing the right things. Last, font color, what browser do you use? I have two on my computer. I can change font color in Firefox, but not in Safari. Go figure. Keep you chin up and hang in there. Both you and Brigham are learning, just remember you can do this and it never hurts to ask questions! See ya later lady.


Relax lady! You're going to have a panic attack. Marcus was 5 lbs and a tummy sleeper from the start too. Briggy will be fine. If you're still worried Amy has an alarm on her crib for Addy, ask her about it. Putting him in the swing to sleep is teaching him bad habits. I did the same thing with Sariah. Eric and I didn't sleep through the night for 2 years, and it sucked! We did the swing then Eric use to sleep in the recliner with her. We were so worried because she was sooo small at 4 lbs. The Dr. told me over and over to relax, he wouldn't of let her go home if she wasn't 100% healthy. We were prepared with Marcus...keep them in the same routine, routine, routine.
Good luck, you'll figure it out!

Rains Family

Kelly, Briggy is fine. If he wants to sleep on his tummy then let him. If he can roll to his tummy-- you shouldn't worry about SIDS. Addy always rolled over to her side and shoved her face into her bumper since she was about 4 months. I have the Angel Care monitor which sounds an alarm if a baby stops breathing-- that always made us feel better. If you want to borrow it let me know and I'll send it to you. We don't use it anymore because she crawls and rolls all over her crib and it sets off the alarm all the time! Devon is right, no bad habits. Once they are 4 months they need to sleep in the same place everynight (i.e. crib) or else its very hard to break them.


Non-mom here but I'm surfing the web researching SIDS. I'd just say I'd caution against using any type of bouncy seat too much for sleep. If a child is in a bouncy seat too often they can get plagiocephaly (flat head) which can cause torticollis. A plus side of tummy sleep for infants is that they crawl sooner, walk sooner, and develop much stronger upper body muscles then back sleeping infants. Tummy sleepers also score higher on psychomotor tests than back sleepers. Infants tend not to get much Deep Sleep on their backs (Stage 3 and Stage 4 NREM sleep) which is the most restorative type of sleep. They get lots of Deep Sleep when they sleep on their stomachs though. So, your babies instinct is to try to get better, more restorative sleep so that's probably why he natrually wants to sleep on his tummy. Much of the SIDS statistics are a bit exaggerated too because the "Back to Sleep" campaign also includes a reduction in maternal smoking (which has been dramatic in the last 15 years), no head coverings for babies during sleep, firm bedding/safe crib, and no dangerous objects in the crib. I'd say these latter factors are the main reason for the decrease in SIDS and back sleep only plays a minor part. Nonetheless, because your son was born early you should definitely check with your pediatrician but I think these other ladies are right on with their advice. Once a baby can lift it's head the risk of SIDS goes down dramatically. You should definitely watch out for Plagiocephaly and Torticollis too. Any sort of flat spots on his head or tilting of the head are give aways for this. Sorry, I wrote so much.