Thursday, June 26, 2008


i have been contemplating whether or not to start feeding briggy cereal. ive read a lot about it and agreed its the best thing for him to wait until he's six months old. but lately he seem so unsatisfied with his feedings. normally he is never really cranky all throughout the day (but he hasnt been too pleasant the past week or so). we've been chalking it up to "teething" but i just dont know.....finally after his 7:30pm feeding he was still looking for more. so i mixed a tiny bit of cereal and gave him a couple bites----he seemed so delighted. i mean, he didnt take in very much at all (most of it on his shirt) but he is happy normal briggy now, just laying on a blanket having a nice time. i feel guilty for feeding him, should i be? ive read that allergies can come into play more when you feed early on and that their little digestive systems really arent ready until six months. If i do feed him im thinking i will feed him "dinner" like i did today, nurse him first and then feed a little cereal. can i do that for 1 1/2 months until he's ready for more at six? I just want to do the right thing and im always torn about what i read and what others are doing. any advice?



Our pediatrician wanted us to start feeding Owen cereal when he was 4 months old. I held off until 5 months, but he seemed to do OK with it. He never really ate a lot of the cereal. Then when he was about 6 months old he started eating some veggies. So don't feel bad about feeding him. I think it's a good idea to give him milk and then see if he wants a little cereal.

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Just follow his lead. If he is ready for cereal, which he seems to be, then don't feel bad about it. Start out with Rice Cereal because it is gentler & doesn't cause allergies. Just follow his cue, babies can tell you what they need better than all the baby books in the world!


I started all my kids on cereal at 4 months. If he likes it and he can tolerate it, give it to him!


my mother-in-law wants me to start feeding Brock cereal now,{which I won't} she thinks he's hungry all time, but that's another story! Between 4-6 months is the time to start, and like everyone else has said, follow Brigham's lead! and go for rice cereal! it's the best for his little tummy!

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Kelly, if you feel like he is ready, then by all means give it to him! Although when people ask me, I always tell people that if they think their baby can wait-- then wait. I say that because it is more of a risk for allergies, plus their digestive systems may not be ready (especially in preemies), and the #1 reason: Feeding just breastmilk and a bottle is just soooo much easier!! So if anything, it becomes a hassle. Especially if you make their food, which I know you want to do. Traveling with homeade baby food, even when you're just out running errands becomes a hassle. You don't have to start with rice cereal either. You can do sweet potatoes, avocados, or bananas until 6 months. Those foods have much more nutritional value. Get the book super baby food. It tells you when to start on all foods, how to incorporate with breastfeeding, and how to make everything! Also, with the rice cereal, I would recommend Earth's Best. The Gerber cereal I have heard many people complain about(i.e. causing constipation) Sorry for the novel I just wrote! You know what's best, you're the mommy (don't ever forget that)!!