Monday, February 16, 2009

Briggy-Bug My Little Love Bug

Briggy and I celebrated Valentines Day together by eating out with Grandma Urso and Auntie Dozie at the Rainforest Cafe. Briggy was dressed as my "little love bug" from head to toe. I bought out the entire bug/ant collection at Gymboree last year when I knew I was having a boy--that little ant is soooo cute! Anyway, Briggy had a great time squeeking and squaking at all the monkeys and creatures inside the resturaunt.

Valentines Day got EVEN BETTER when very VERY late at night I got a suprize vistor.....TOM! He flew all the way from Dallas to suprize me for Valentines night, and then of course to celebrate with Briggy the next day at his BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!
Can you believe it?!! Tom is the sweetest husband/father/friend anyone could ever hope for--somehow I was lucky enough to make him MINE!