Thursday, February 26, 2009

My last blog as a Massachusetts Momma

We are packing up today and Friday morning Tom will be driving the UHAUL to Texas! We are staying with some family friends of the Tillotsons; The Romneys. Tom has been staying with them this past month and a half, and they are extremely gracious and generous to allow our family to stay there until we figure out what the heck we're doing. I'm sure I'll be able to post some fun pictures of Briggy as a Texan soon, but until then....

We'll miss you, We love you, Ciao!


Briggy and Momma

PS- We are finding out if we are having another boy or a girl this afternoon, so you'll have to wait in suspense until sunday when I can post it!!!!



I can't wait to find out..
good luck with the move, a new adventure, everyone needs them, I'm sure you'll have great new friends. I hope nothing happens to my blog when your gone, I can't survive without you.....