Saturday, February 28, 2009

I know the suspense is killing you......

ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!


Tom is so excited for the "Tillotson Brothers" to be on a doubles team for tennis. geesh! thats the first thing he thought of when the doctor told us the news!!!

We are planning on naming him Oliver Daniel and we are soooo excited. I am also secretly relieved its not a girl....I was really nervous about having a girl after being in boy mode this past year. I think by the time we have our third I'll be up for the major changes!!!

I can't wait for our little guys to be palling around with eachother in the sandbox and swingset!!!



Yay! Congratulations on little Oliver. I love that name!


congrats that will be so fun for Brigham to have a little buddy around!

Grandma Tina

Congratulations to all of you! Brigg's will be an awesome brother! I wish you the best in Texas! I know it's the right move for you ( even though I didn't want you to move)I'll miss you. Love you very much!
See you soon.


Congrats! Two sweet boys! These are good times! Still can't believe you are gone! Keep blogging so we know what's up with the Tillotsons!!!!