Monday, February 16, 2009


YEA!!!!!!!!!!! We made it! Briggy is officially a BIG BOY!!! I can't believe it's already been a WHOLE year since we met our little guy. Briggy is honestly the sweetest most loving, fun baby I could have ever hoped for. He always gives kisses and hugs and smiles. He may drive us a little crazy with his high-pitched screams...but he means well. (and hopefully it will be a phase that ends soon!) We had such a fun family birthday. Of course the BEST PART was Briggy waking up to FIND HIS PRESENT...DADDY! It was just about the sweetest thing EVER when he saw him. He is very hyper and excited in the morning....He dove toward Tom and then rested his little head on Tom's shoulder for a few minutes, every few moments checking to see Tom's face making sure it really was his Daddy! I tell you...that little boy loves his Dad more than anyone or anything in this world. Of course I'm a little jealous--but its so genuine and sweet....I know they are going to have the best father-son relationship.

We had ALL SORTS of yummy snacks all day long. We had grinders, wings, chips, dip, hot dogs, kielbasa and saurkraut, and of course.....CAKE!

I made Briggy that sugar-free banana cake (which he loved) and topped it with a yummy cream cheese frosting that of course was BLUE! He loved eating it...but was a lot more delicate and suspicious of it than I thought he would be.

(Briggy watching his cartoons in his new stroller...He really liked sitting in it!)

(His Birthday Suit! Briggy was partying in style!)

(Briggy's Birthday Cake!)

(Briggy read each card very sweetly!)

(Briggy made snowballs with the white tissue paper from his gifts!)

Thank you Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles for celebrating and generous gift-giving. Briggy loves all his new toys and clothes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Rains Family

So cute!! It looks like Briggy LOVED his cake! Glad you guys had such a wonderful day and daddy was able to be there!


What a great way to celebrate with the whole family reunited! Happy Birthday Briggy! I love 1 year olds with that classic birthday piture of cake and frosting all over the faces! Fun times!

Grandma Tina

I was glad I was able to attend Brigg's birthday celebration! I loved when he got to eat his cake. He looked like baby Smurf, so cute!

Glad Tom was there to celebrate!